My Soul Belongs to Me!

By Steve Jurvetson |

By Steve Jurvetson |

There are probably millions of people in the world who have experienced consciousness-altering substances in the widest range of different contexts. Some of them made their initial experience in a therapeutic setting as part of psycholytic therapy and then progressed further into other areas that go far beyond the treatment of psychological disorders. Others take such substances in private with friends as a means of help to gain access to a different perspective on life. I think it is now time that this wide range of experience is made available to the public. Until now it has slumbered in the hearts and minds of people who have taken this path. Fear of ostracism and persecution has prevented most people from speaking in public. I want to change that.

To this end, I have created the questionnaire “Five questions about Psycholysis”. If you want to contribute either publicly or anonymously, then send the answers along with such personal data that you wish to be published to

We are also publishing on this website the very personal declarations of people who have the courage to make public by name their experiences. For me, it’s about giving a human face to the psychedelic movement and bringing it out from the underground and anonymity. If you have had psycholytic experiences and have the courage to express yourself personally, then please send your contribution to It can be experience reports, articles, letters or video messages – there are no limits to creativity.

Those who would face ostracism, exclusion, bullying, job loss, or something similar because of making such a declaration, can register anonymously in the signatories list.

Thank you very much!

Christoph Kahse