1. Warum hast du Psycholyse gemacht? Hattest du persönliche Probleme, warst du in Therapie oder warst du z.B. einfach neugierig?

I took part primarily to heal my relationship with my girlfriend. I was also very curious to understand relationships and myself.

2. Wenn du Probleme hattest: inwieweit hat dir die Psycholyse bei deren Bewältigung geholfen? Was ist der Unterschied zu anderen Therapien? Wenn nicht: welchen Einfluss haben die Erfahrungen auf dein aktuelles Leben?

I would call psycholysis and the awakening of love a pivotal point in my life. I began to see the meaning of responsibility and taking personal responsibility for my feelings. I would describe my life as before and after, the central point being my first psycholytic experience. Other forms of therapy are extremely useful also and have helped me immensely, but psycholytic therapy is very deep acting and cuts through the crap rapidly leaving me with a very clear impression of where I stand at the moment. I feel that for me psycholytic therapy and my guides gave me a new hope in the future. Not just mine but the whole world. I am glad that people like my guides exist, though I can see that they are not perfect themselves but their simple quiet love fills me with joy and enlivens the spirit.

3. Immer wieder liest man davon, dass Psycholyse Machtmissbrauch, Grenzüberschreitung und Scharlatanerie bedeutet. Wie siehst du das aus deiner persönlichen Erfahrung heraus?

I can see that psycholytic therapy is like any other tool subject to the imperfections of human nature. It brings me to my basic insight about responsibility. I strongly felt like blaming my guides for a lot that was actually going on within me. This is a risk that a therapist takes, of being the white screen onto which darkness can be projected. It requires courage. I have seen the resolve and soft determination with which my guides have helped me transform that which is abandoned by me into a shimmering, twinkling reminder that it is actually mine 🙂

4. Die Psycholyse bzw. die meisten dazu benötigten Substanzen sind ja verboten. Wie stehst du dazu?

I feel that the ban is simply a reaction to the unknown. This power is not understood by policy makers. Currently the dominant form of medical thinking is totally focused on the body as a separate mechanical entity. So any healing that is outside of the mechanism is frowned upon. Real change creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and so fear 😱 is definitely an easy option with which to deal with these substances and their effectiveness. Maybe it’s time to simply look afresh at this method and watch within us what comes from it.

5. Hast du noch weitere Bemerkungen, die dir wichtig sind, sofern sie nicht durch die anderen Fragen beantwortet wurden?

Running in my mind I begin to feel,
One by one the layers begin to peel,
I watch in awe at my soul laid bare,
With love tenderness and care…

Giri (41), Designer

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