Shekhar Phatak

Shekhar Phatak

1. Why did you take part in psycholysis? Did you have personal problems, were you in therapy or were you just curious?

I had some problems but more than that, I was very curious.

2. If you were having problems, to what extent did psycholysis help you to overcome these problems? How was it different to other forms of therapy? If you were not having problems, how has the experience influenced your current life.

Quite a lot of the problems were solved. I cannot compare that with any other therapies since I didn’t take any. The experience has had a profound impact on my life.

3. One reads time and again that psycholysis equates to abuse of power, transgression of boundaries and charlatanism. How do you see this based on your own personal experience?

Absolutely rubbish!

4. Psycholysis, or rather the majority of the required substances are banned. What is your opinion of this ban?

The ban should be lifted forthwith!

5. Do you have any further comments that you feel are important and not yet included in your answers to other questions?

One needs to create awareness and more and more people should participate in these sessions even if they use substances.

Shekhar Phatak (58), Technical translator

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