1. Why did you take part in psycholysis? Did you have personal problems, were you in therapy or were you just curious?

I heard about this method when I was feeling a great gap in me and was not happy with my life. I sensed that it would help me to find my way so I decided to take part in it.

2. If you were having problems, to what extent did psycholysis help you to overcome these problems? How was it different to other forms of therapy? If you were not having problems, how has the experience influenced your current life.

I was full of anger and pain before psycholysis but had no contact with fear, day by day I began to see what was going inside of me and how I built a wall around me to protect myself because of all my experiences in the past. I realized that that wall also caused an alienation, I was living in a dream world and did not know myself at all.

The basic thing I can say about this method that differs from others that you learn to take all the responsibility by yourself, the responsibility of which you can do or you can’t do. At the same time it does not supress you with medicine or rules which make you resign yourself to the system. On the contrary, you begin to question yourself, your life and the world you live in and search for a better life. And I briefly can say that I live a much more free and happy life than ever.

3. One reads time and again that psycholysis equates to abuse of power, transgression of boundaries and charlatanism. How do you see this based on your own personal experience?

I think it is nonsense according to my experience.

4. Psycholysis, or rather the majority of the required substances are banned. What is your opinion of this ban?

It is much more constructive to point out, teach, show the way to behave responsibly and seriously in order to ban something. The substances themselves which are used in psycholysis do not make you addict, addiction comes with the way of your life. I believe it is necessary for the government to observe this method and make a revision to lift the ban.

Ful B. (52), Manager

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