Gauri Lohia

Gauri Lohia

1. Why did you take part in psycholysis? Did you have personal problems, were you in therapy or were you just curious?

I did my first journey with MDMA as a teenager with friends in a party. The journey was intense and my heart was filled with love and joy but the journey was very short lived and at that time I didn’t take the insight very seriously. Then after 14 years when my relationship with my ex boyfriend was falling apart very mysteriously I met my therapist and she introduced both of us to this beautiful psycholytic world.

2. If you were having problems, to what extent did psycholysis help you to overcome these problems? How was it different to other forms of therapy? If you were not having problems, how has the experience influenced your current life.

I was very rebellious as a child and carried a huge void inside of me. I had lost contact with my dad at the age of 3. This had a huge impact in my growing up years and I felt like an outsider in school and university. When I took part in the psycholytic session for the first time with mescaline and MDMA in 2011 it dawned upon me that all my relations with men came out of loneliness and dependency. Hence they were so empty and filled with insecurities and abuses… with the help of intense therapy and pscholytic work I broke up with my boyfriend with peace and harmony taking full responsibility. It was a 11 year old relationship. So for me this work has a great importance and the element of taking responsibility vs. being a victim is such a fine line and its so easy to be a victim and not so easy to take responsibility. Now its been 4 years and every journey brings in new light, its a beautiful feeling to be able to trust life and walk this mysterious path with all my other walkers. With my earlier therapist I felt she missed out on this basic essence of feeling into things, her therapy was more from thoughts not from intuition and feelings but with my recent therapist who introduced me to this work I learnt how to follow my instinct and for that one needs to trust and slowly I’m learning that. I consider myself very lucky that I stumbled upon this work and met such beautiful people on the way who also dare to live from the heart and are worriers.

3. One reads time and again that psycholysis equates to abuse of power, transgression of boundaries and charlatanism. How do you see this based on your own personal experience?

Of course living from the heart and following the path of love and honesty is transgressing in todays world, if one says or does what one feels instead of always abiding by the law one is ostracized and looked down upon easily but for me this work has always bought this element of looking into myself and out of choice I have indulged in this psycholytic work, also I’ve never blindly followed my therapist or any facilitator. I am learning with great difficulty how to follow my own instincts so when there’s no one to blame or hold responsible then the question of abuse of power or charlatanism doesn’t arise for me. I entered this path out of my own will and will follow it till my heart and soul wants to follow it and since I’ve taken this journey I see myself only growing and becoming a better human being.

4. Psycholysis, or rather the majority of the required substances are banned. What is your opinion of this ban?

Nicotine and alchohol is accepted in our society and considered legal but other substances which are so enlightening are banned. For me that’s ridiculous. Today the way substances are looked down upon by the people who govern us creates an environment where people turn a blind eye rather than reading about it and becoming more well informed. I feel the ban should be definitely lifted so that it creates a more freer environment where people have a choice wether or not they want to indulge in it, also ones who want to explore with these banned substances will explore anyway but making it legal will definitely create a much healthier environment for people to explore life without any fear.

5. Do you have any further comments that you feel are important and not yet included in your answers to other questions?

Thank you for creating this space and site to let us express what we feel and its amazing to see how so many lives are altered through psycholytic therapy.

Gauri Lohia (35), Fashion designer

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