George Kunnath

George Kunnath

1. Why did you take part in psycholysis? Did you have personal problems, were you in therapy or were you just curious?

I have been an inner explorer, adventurer and wanderer. in my self exploration process I had searched and used a number of methodologies to understand myself. I had experienced a disquiet and disconnect within for many years. My search was to find peace within.

2. If you were having problems, to what extent did psycholysis help you to overcome these problems? How was it different to other forms of therapy? If you were not having problems, how has the experience influenced your current life.

Psycholytic therapy came to me at a time I needed to address relationship issues in family and existential issues of making a living. I went into it with a totally open mind and I am happy that I had this opportunity.  it took many years for me to come int contact with my deep wounds and heal.

3. One reads time and again that psycholysis equates to abuse of power, transgression of boundaries and charlatanism. How do you see this based on your own personal experience?

Like anything that is unknown and unconventional psycholytic therapy is a taboo topic in mainstream society.  I found it  an effective and potent tool that can facilitate inner exploration and healing deep wounds. However it is not not a magic wand that will take away all the problems. It just works as a catalyst for bringing suppressed wounds and associated feelings to the surface. Integration of the insights in daily life is the key to this form of therapy.

4. Psycholysis, or rather the majority of the required substances are banned. What is your opinion of this ban? 

Various psychoactive substances have been found in nature and humans have been using from time immemorial. Banning substance s is like banning sex. Any ban is counter productive as things go underground. When hidden, many harmful substances surface and practices occur. Substance by themselves are not the problem but the ban makes them dangerous as they are used in a reckless and irresponsible manner.

5. Do you have any further comments that you feel are important and not yet included in your answers to other questions?

It has been established that careful and supervised use of select substances have potential for deep healing and consciousness expansion. Often bans are result of  the fear of the unknown and in this case an enlightened group of people  who might disturb status quo.

I would like provide a link to my paper on “Healing Our Deep Wounds”:

George Kunnath (64), Leadership Enabler

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