The Psychedelic Society of Germany wants to counterbalance the prejudicial attitude towards psycholysis (also as psycholytic, psychedelic or substance-based therapy). The central concern is the education about the controlled use of psychoactive substances like e.g. MDMA, LSD or psilocybin for the treatment of mental health problems. more…


Despite the discussions of psychedelics & MDMA in prestigious mainstream medical and scientific journals (like Nature, The Lancet) we read that psychedelic-therapy is something controversial, dismissed by the scientific mainstream – at least in Germany. But being controversial does not automatically signify something bad. But what is psycholysis? How can I learn more about it? What does the research say? more…

My Soul Belongs To Me!

This is a banner under which people can gather, take courage, and declare their support for psycholysis through personal declarations, support for petitions and survey questionnaires. The aim is to give the psychedelic movement a human face and bring it out from the underground and anonymity. more…


The documentary film Der Verbotene Weg (The Forbidden Path) examines the ritual based use of consciousness-expanding substances such as LSD, MDMA or mescaline. The film makers have spoken with people who have used psycholysis and report on how they have profited from the experience. more… (YouTube)

The Documentary “Der verbotene Weg” (“The Forbidden Path”) with englisch subtitles is available on YouTube.


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My Soul Belongs To Me!

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Ausgefüllte Fragebögen


MDMA-assisted Therapy-Session

Samuel Widmer – Keine Macht den Drogen? Lecture Hamburg University (2009, German)

Thomas D. (“Die Fantastischen Vier”) talks about his LSD-experiences (German).

LSD als Therapie? – Arte TV Documentation 2014 (German)

Note: The contents of this website partly treat health issues. They do not self-diagnose or replace professional medical or psychotherapeutic diagnoses. The contents of this page serve neither to trivialize possible negative consequences nor to glorify the uncontrolled use of psychoactive drugs. The Psychedelic Society Germany also does not call for illegal activities and dissociates itself in any way from the harmful consumption of BTMG subordinate substances.

The use of psychoactive substances available on the black market poses a significant health risk and should not be promoted by the information provided. Nor should this educational work support the implementation of psycholytic background therapies nor is PGD accountable for the consequences of this information. People with mental disorders and acute crisis situations should consult a doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist to deal with their problems.



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