Psychedelics are similarly safe physiologically, Rucker said, even compared with the least toxic current prescription drugs, such as fluoxetine. He did note that they can be “psychologically toxic,” potentially leading to tragic, if rare, events such as accidental death, suicide, or homicide if taken irresponsibly in recreational settings. But the most clear adverse physical events with psychedelics were short-term nausea, anxiety and disorientation.“You would need to eat many, many kilograms of magic mushrooms before the dose of psilocybin you ingested with them was harmful to your body,” Rucker said. “Psychedelics are much, much safer than opiates, which are routinely used in medical practice and kill thousands of people every year from overdose, but they are more legally restricted. It is quite a perverse situation, really, and certainly not an evidence-based one.”

Quelle: Psychedelics a Viable Therapeutic Option for Depression